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Our Projects

A Collection of our Finest Work

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Project Xibka

Lost or Abandoned Fishing Equipment around Malta.

Entanglement in fishing nets has become one the greatest threats facing marine life! Fish, Dolphins, turtles, and even sharks commonly become victims of ghost fishing. In response to this, we’ve been working hard to come up with a strategy to minimise this issue to the greatest extent possible.


Giving garments a second life.

Fast fashion is a serious issue that often gets overlooked. Billions of garments sit idle in wardrobes all over the world whilst other individuals struggle to afford even the most basic in human convenience. We partnered up with the international non-profit Soles4Souls to collect, export and distribute these garments to those who need them most.

Oh So Sustainable Map

Oh eco-friendly, where art though?

On the hunt for the most eco-friendly products in the land but can't seem to find? Oh boy, we feel you! Fear not, we've put all the retailers, distributors and brands we know in once place to help streamline your sustainable choices. 

Choose from a map or list of vendors.



Better together. Collaborations are in our DNA. Check out our body of work!

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Past Projects

Nothing lasts forever, and neither do our projects. Delve into our project archives to see how we kept busy.

Projects: Welcome
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