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Tangible efforts to restore our environment.

+130 tonnes
collected from nature

We’ve hosted quite a few clean-ups since we set up shop in 2017, leaving a green trail of beaming beaches and pristine picnic spots.

All this is possible thanks to over 5000 volunteers that have been with us through thick or thin. 

Clean-ups are now the norm and we fully intend to implant this way of thinking into minds of generations to come. 

Clean-Ups: Text
No upcoming events at the moment
Clean-Ups: Upcoming Events

Scuba Dive, Snorkel, Freedive

Zibel Paradise Bay 2023_AT_0045.jpg

Collect waste

If you are a certified diver, register and come dive with us to collect waste underwater.
Remember: we always keep safety first.

Work with us on land

Zibel Simenta Clean Up 2023_AT_0130.jpg

Sorting, moving things, lots to do!

You can come to help our land teams collect waste that's on shore, sort types of trash, weight, and pack everything.
It's always a fun team, and you will leave with a lot of positive energy!

Clean-Ups: Projects
Zibel Simenta Clean Up 2023_AT_0042.jpg

What to Expect

Equipment Provided

Gloves, Bags, Knifes & more


Provided on the day

Data Collection

Waste sorted and data passed on to authorities

Licensed Divers Welcome

Contact us for Free Equipment on the day

Food & Drink

A ftira is provided during the clean-up.

A Good Time

Be ready to meet new people and put in the work.

Clean-Ups: What We Do
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