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it starts with you

We’re a registered Voluntary Organisation and eNGO with the aim of reducing the overall waste generated on our islands and restoring our natural environments to their most natural states. The NGO was founded in 2017 and since then has grown and grown with the helpful hands of its team members and volunteers.

About: Who We Are

Our Focus

Bringing a positive change to these areas

Cleaner Environment

Civic Pride


Sustainable Lifestyle 

About: What We Do

What we do.

How we do it.

Our end goal is simple- to see Malta flourish, but there’s one thing standing in our way, WASTE. To tackle this problem we join forces with anyone and everyone to clean up what’s been done, spread awareness about the situation and share all that we know, for a brighter tomorrow. We’ve come along way from our humble beginnings but we can’t pull this off without you.

About: Who We Are
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