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Past Projects



Large scale plastic collection, at your service.

plastiKAXXA is a box designed to collect plastic bottles during large events in a quick and visual way. Each kaxxa can hold up to about 2500 plastic bottles and is constructed out of wooden beams, up-cycled fish farms nets and laser cut wooden signage. Thanks to its unique design, each plastiKAXXA allows passers-by to instantly see the volume of plastic used at any events or locations.

In conjunction to the collection of the plastic bottles, each kaxxa asks the users to remove the plastic caps and place them in an attached sack. These are forwarded to GreenPak and L-Istrina who convert them into funds for charity.

This is a collaboration between Żibel, GreenPak COOP and the fablab valletta.

Żibel Box

All you need for a clean-up. In a box!

The name says it all. Zibel box was created to serve the growing requests of private clean-ups the NGO used to receive. The box would contain everything from gloves, bags and tools to a first aid kit and sorting guide. Due to COVID this service has been suspended.

Image by Jasmin Sessler
Past Projects: Programs

These projects are now retired but we're always open to adapting and launching these initiatives in a tailor made manner.

Contact us to discuss further.

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