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Sustainable Studying

Author – Elle Borg

Sustainable Studying: Welcome

1 - Note Taking

Reduce your carbon footprint by taking notes electronically, you'll be more organised and they'll be backed-up forever. use services like Google Docs which also help you with formatting for different requirements and allows collaborations with other students. Plus it's free! Although you may want to buy some drive space with Google, Apple or Dropbox to move all your notes and data online.


2 - Reuse old notes​

If you’re a bit old school and need to write things down to remember them, try use the back-side of old notes, and papers, especially, if you need them only as rough.


3 - Re-use old files

Studying medicine at university or creative arts at MCAST? Use your old environmental studies file from Form 3 to store your notes in, and use the backs of those notes and handouts. It’s a great way to declutter and repurpose!


4 - Don’t print unnecessarily

When you need to print, print double-sided to cut down on paper waste.


5 - Share notes online

Email, dropbox, google drive etc are your friends. Instead of photocopying or printing out multiple versions of the same set of notes, share them electronically. Not only does this save on paper use, but it the long run it saves you money, as memberships and extra storage space on most platforms is relatively cheap (shop around for the best deal for you!). You can also ask stationers around university to scan notes for you or do this yourself.


6- Eat like a pro

If you’re studying at university, turn up on campus equipped for feasting . Studying is tiring and we all need some fuel to keep us going, so if you’re planning on buying anything from university go equipped to make your study binging as eco-friendly as possible.

Coffee – take a reusable coffee cup with you and refill it on campus, rather than using a different disposable cup each time. If you want more than one cup of coffee, rinse out your reusable cup and fill it up again. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

Take-away – if you’re planning on buying some grub on campus take your own tupperware along with you, most outlets on campus will happily fill up your lunchbox rather than use their own take-away packaging. it’s a win-win for all, enjoy your food, you deserve it!

Reusable cutlery – building on the above invest in some reusable cutlery, and chuck them into your bag on the way to uni. If nothing else you’ll save yourself a trip back to the shop for a spoon for your yoghurt.

Water bottle – take a reusable water bottle with you to university and fill it up at one of the various water fountains stationed around campus. If your school doesn’t have water fountains, fill your bottle up at home and only buy bottled water once the water in your bottle has been drank. It’s a great way to save money and the environment!


7- Textbooks

Arguably, a book is the best use of paper and never really a source of waste, however if you’re looking to save money and reduce your paper use.

  • share textbooks with friends

  • buy the electronic version

  • borrow the book from the library

  • buy second-books


8 - Getting there

Getting to and from school/ university/ MCAST doesn’t have to be waste-intensive, today there are loads of ways to reduce your carbon footprint- carpooling, public transport, ride-sharing, cycling… the possibilities are endless!

Sustainable Studying: What We Do

Good luck in your studies, you’ve got this!

Sustainable Studying: Text
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