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Zibel Clean-up Bag 20 Pack

Zibel Clean-up Bag 20 Pack

What's better than one bag? 20 of course...


Ideal for large groups and businesses looking to build out their clean-up equipment.


Our tried and tested mesh bags! We use these bags in every clean-up we do. They're strong, can carry substantial amounts of debris and best of all - reuseable! You can take your bag diving, hiking or even just to the beach.


Your purchase helps us carry on our mission and making you a part of it. 


Disclaimer: bags are sold without trash inside, all trash must be collected by you (which we have no doubt you will). 

  • Postage & Delivery

    Bags will be posted to your address via Maltapost or you may collect them in person at our monthly clean-ups. 

Tax Included
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