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The future of our diving operations at sea.

Why are we buying a RHIB?

We love our current boat and need it more than ever, however we simply ran out of space and increased our capacity to a point where Zibla is just too small. 

A ghost net mission can consist of 4 boat crew, 4-6 divers and of course space to pull up the nets. These nets also are usually full of sharp objects and hooks occasionally. 

This means we are require two boats for each ghost net; a boat for divers and a boat for the debris we collect. We currently rent this second boat each time, which isn't great in the long term since it doesn't leave us with anything in our hands. 

Through the purchase of this RHIB, we would make the cost back in around 100 dives. By our calculations we will achieve that in 1 year of operations. 

Another important reason we need a RHIB is also weather. The deeper hull and tubes allow us to tackle rougher weather, which will also help save Zibla some rough times at sea. Since Ziblu was a rescue RHIB, it is suited for rougher conditions that Zibla would struggle in. 

What does this donation cover?

The €26,000 will be used to purchase the boat and then upgrade items on-board like the diving rack, T-top and seating. This is to fine tune the boat to our needs, since we need to carry other equipment such as diver emergency oxygen, lift bags and tools.

This is all inclusive of VAT and via receipts. Zibel is fully compliant with the commissioner for voluntary organisations (VO 1465).

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