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Project Xibka

Lost or Abandoned Fishing Equipment

Entanglement in fishing nets has become one the greatest threats facing marine life! Fish, Dolphins, turtles, and even sharks commonly become victims of ghost fishing. In response to this, we’ve been working hard to come up with a strategy to minimise this issue to the greatest extent possible.

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Project Xibka is funded by the Beyond Plastic Med Foundation and its funding partners. 

Fondation Prince Albert II de MonacoFondation Tara OcéanSurfrider Foundation EuropeIUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation & MAVA Foundation.

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About the Project

Project Xibka aims to collect and recycle or reuse Abandoned, Lost, and Otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear (ALDFG) around the coast of the Maltese Islands.

The project will help to:

  • Support the reduction of synthetic materials and other waste ending up in the sea

  • Increase awareness about the impacts of DFGs such as ghost fishing and habitat damage

  • As much as possible, support the reuse of DFGs through mending and reuse - this will reduce the need of replacement gear which represents an economic loss to fishing community

  • Support stakeholder collaboration to drive discussion around environmental impacts, and come up with solutions

  • Engage new players in the fight towards waste free seas such as artisans, divers and fishermen

  • Improve public knowledge about waste and its impacts to marine species and habitats.

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Project Partners

Dive Systems

Dive Centre Partner

Raniero's Adventures

Dive Partner

Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Data Partner

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