We want to rally the community into cleaning up our environment and educate them on proper waste management. Through these monthly clean ups, we can action meaningful and positive change. This is part of our long-term plan to reduce and help solve Malta's evident trash problem, ranging from land-based to marine litter. Aside from the invaluable help of the general public, we are currently collaborating with a number of environmental authorities and NGOs such as ERA, Birdlife, fish4tomorrow, Shark Lab, Scouts (different localities), Malta’s PDSA and others to maximize our impact. We also liaise with the private sector as well as governmental bodies and institutes/universities in order to pursue larger scale and more holistic projects.  



A clean up site is either scouted out by our team or submitted by the general public and its status is assessed prior to launching an event in order to determine its requirements. Once this is mapped out, relevant permits are applied for and organizations are contacted and informed. A call for sponsors is then issued to cover all our necessities.