Paradise Bay - 28th July 2017

The area is a Special Area of Conservation and a designated Natura 2000 site, lying between the beach and the hotel. This area was selected as the clean up site due to the heaps of marine debris as well as other land-derived litter. About 60 volunteers attended and participated in the four-hour Paradise Bay cleanup on Friday 28th July.  



Due to the swell and poor visibility that day, those snorkelling only managed to collect plastic debris that were skimmed across surface of the choppy waters using netted bags.

20423955_1706709946298043_7514312363206855394_o (1).jpg

 There were enough glass bottles and shattered glass to fill multiple canvas sacks and cardboard boxes. Deeper into the area a lot of plastic piping, rusted car parts, fishing nets and eroded polystyrene floats were found and all bundled into durable large garbage bags donated by the Cleansing Services Directorate.

 With the rubbish collected and bagged, volunteers - young and old, majority of which were foreign - formed a human chain to convey the waste back to the main beach. From there, it was lifted to the top of the bay using the Paradise Bay Lido's supply lift.



In all, the volunteers cleared just over 1 tonne of waste from the site. 884kg of that was plastic, with another 123kg of glass and 8kg of metal. To put the quantity of plastic collected into perspective, a two-litre plastic bottle weighs 18g.

 There, organisers weighed the waste using a heavy duty electronic scale and loaded it into and filled a large WasteServ truck.



 #Żibel is run on a purely voluntary basis and organisers stressed that cleanups were only possible thanks to help offered by sponsors such as EcoPure, Lift Services, Browns, Nexus Gaming Intelligence, WasteServ and the Cleansing Services Department.

 The site still requires more thorough cleaning due to large amounts of marine waste that collected in the rock’s crevices and bay’s natural inlets. This is mostly heavily weather plastic pollution. These protected labels are not doing much to help keep these site free of litter.